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Hello Everyone!

We've spent some time redirecting our focus on the types of weddings that we are dying to shoot! We've had some pretty amazing people involved, and we are grateful for their willingness to help translate our vision into photographs.

We have had many wonderful experiences with wedding photography, but we are now at a place where we would like to shoot more intimate weddings; weddings with an artistic or original aesthetic. We also hope to shoot more weddings that come with a sense of spontenaity and flexibility; this includes elopements. If any of this sounds good to you, then we are your photographers!

For this Styled Bridal Session we wanted to create a natural look that could glide between sultry and playful. The chic, elegant Sia influenced hair and natural makeup, created by Kate Kandel, were exactly what we were looking for. As for our bride, we wanted Alston's personality and fashion sense to shine throughout the session. She wore a necklace that contained sand from her wedding (yes, our styled bride is already married, but hey, who doesn't like reason to get in front of the camera?!) The necklace was handmade by her sister, creator of Whipping Up Fairy Tales. That is exactly the type of expressions of individuality that we are talking about. The naked cake featured in the shoot was made by Amanda. Homemade anything only adds to the eccentric qualities that will keep you and your ceremony standing out from the crowd.

We hope by being open about our goals that we will find ourselves capturing some unforgettable moments with you soon. Thank you for following us on this journey!

Model: Alston Mark

Hair & MUA: Kate Kandel

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