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Tips for your Portrait Session

You will never be alone. We work as a team to help coach you from the moment you walk through the door! Think of us as your personal instructors!

Use moisturizer the night before and the morning of your session. Steer clear of glittery or oily lotions.

Please, no spray tans or tanning lotions. We would love to avoid unnatural streaks and blotches that often occur with tanners.

Make sure your hands are camera ready. Hands get close ups too! Come with clean, trimmed nails

We need fresh eyes on the set. Get a good nights sleep the night before to ensure you'll have plenty of energy for your session.

Get hydrated! Water has magical powers! In the days leading up to your session, load up on some H2O. When you're taking in more water, it shows. When you're properly hydrated you will notice that your skin looks more radiant and your body will thank you!!! Also, stay away from salty foods the day before. Those foods may be tasty but salt will dehydrate you!

If you have a breakout, don't stress! We will smooth out any unwanted blemishes.

Practice in the mirror. Blast your favorite tunes, dance around and pose. Have fun with it. Nobody is watching!

Stretch! It is always best to show up with those muscles ready to move. Not that we are going to have you do anything strenuous, but loose muscles make posing easier and will help to encourage better posture!

Make sure your wardrobe is ready for the camera.

- Dewrinkle. Instead of stuffing everything into a bag, reach for a hanger.

- Lent. Break out the lent roller!

- Stains and tears. Be on the look out for these!

Make sure you eat a balanced breakfast on the morning of your shoot! We don't want hangriness to kill your vibe!!

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