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20 Helpful Tips for Your Boudoir Session

1. The most important tip we can give is that you are doing this for YOU! Whether you're celebrating a milestone, surprising a significant other, or simply wanting to jump out of your comfort zone. Whatever the reason, make sure it is something that excites you!

2. You will never be alone. We work as a team to help coach you from the moment you walk through the door! Think of us as your personal instructors!

3. Think of one word that describes the style of your ideal session. Would you like for it to be glamourous, sultry, sexy, or sweet? This type of photography celebrates how you see yourself and it could open a door for you to see yourself in a new way!

4. Pick lingerie/clothing that fits you properly. Make sure that you are comfortable with moving around. Above all make sure you feel awesome in whatever you're wearing!

5. Wear matching nail polish on your fingers and toes. If you are not a fan of polish, make sure they are nice and trimmed. Fingers and toes get close ups too!

6. Use moisturizer the night before and the morning of your session. Steer clear of glittery or oily lotions.

7. Please, no spray tans or tanning lotions. We would love to avoid unnatural streaks and blotches that often occur with tanners.

8. Grooming! Make sure all of the right spots are well groomed! If you are getting waxed, schedule your appointment at least three days prior to your shoot. The bikini line isnt the only area to worry about. Please make sure that your eye brows get some attention as well as any other facial hair. Mustaches! We all have them, so unless you want it in your photos we would suggest getting that waxed too. If you are shaving your legs or any other unwanted hair areas, be sure to do this the day before. In an effort not to exclude anyone, we'd also like to mention this won't apply to everyone. There are women that want to remain all natural and we support that decision too!

9. We highly recommend professional hair and makeup. They are there to help make you look flawless in your photos. You might be awesome at everyday makeup, but these artist are masters at enhancing your best features to be infront of the camera! You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy getting dolled up!

10. Please remember not to wear any tight clothing to the shoot. For example, tight bras, socks, jeans, hair ties around your wrist. They all leave marks that take a while to disappear!

11. We need fresh eyes on the set! Get a good nights sleep the night before to ensure you'll have some positive energy for your session.

12. Get hydrated! Water has amazing magical powers! In the days leading up to your session, load up on some H2O. When you're taking in more water, it shows! You will notice that your skin looks more radiant and your body will thank you!!! Also, stay away from salty foods the day before. Those foods may be tasty but salt will dehydrate you!

13. If you have a breakout, don't stress! We will smooth out any unwanted blemishes.

14. Please be sure to cut out all tags from your outfits before the day of the session.

15. Practice in the mirror! Blast your favorite tunes, dance around and pose! Move your body in ways that you haven't before. Have fun with it! Nobody is watching!

16. Stretch! It is always best to show up with those muscles ready to move! Not that we are going to have you do anything that will make you pull something, but flexible muscles make posing easier and creates better posture!

17. Come to your session with an open mind! Positive energy will make your experience that much better. Everyone gets those little nervous feelings but they tend to fizzle out within 10 minutes of being in the makeup chair. You are being transformed into a supermodel for a day, so soak it up and enjoy yourslf!

18. Here's a few ways to slim down if you're worried about a few extra pounds.

- Shoes can lengthen your legs. Go for shoes with a thin heel and stay away from chunky heels and ankle straps.

- Choose longer necklaces to elongate your neck. Avoid chokers, unless that is the look you are going for!

- Earrings can also elongate your face.

- Stockings, fishnets and pantyhose can help create lean, slimmer legs.

19. Make sure your wardrobe is ready for the camera.

- Dewrinkle. Instead of stuffing everything into a bag, reach for a hanger.

- Lent. Break out the lent roller!

- Stains and tears. Be on the look out for these!

20. Make sure you eat a balanced breakfast on the morning of your shoot! We don't want hangriness to kill your vibe!!


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