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Boudoir is Good for the Soul!

We feel that Boudoir photography is more than just an elegant art can be good for the soul! Many times we see clients come into a shoot feeling timid and self conscious, but as the session continues they begin feel more comfortable and confident. While we do work hard to help boost comfort and confidence by having open discussions, playing music the client loves, keeping things light and directing the mood when it call for it...the transformation has less to do with us and much more to do with the experience of letting go.

The female form is beautiful and we feel there is absolutely no reason to hide or find any shame in it. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing a client look at her photos and say, "Wow, that's me?!" or "At first I wasn't sure, that was so much fun!". The shoot should reflect the client's taste and personality. A boudoir session can be playful, sexy, edgy, dark, sensual, erotic,'s really a matter of tapping into who the client is. In the end we always hope that she walks away feeling an esteem boost and a stronger sense of owning her sexuality. Plus the photos make for a great gift for a significant other..though it can also simply be a gift to one's self.

We love shooting these sessions and encourage women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds to consider signing up.



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